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Our dojo continues an ancient Okinawan tradition rich in discipline and personal growth. Each student is pushed to improve both as a martial artist and as an individual. Our art traces its techniques and philosophies back to the Te employed by the royal guards of Shuri Castle. As such, our classes focus less on karate as a sport and more on karate as practical self-defense.

  • Beginning students will learn balance, stances, blocks, kicks, and punches.
  • Intermediate students will continue to hone basic skills in addition to studying grappling and joint manipulation techniques.
  • Advanced students continue to hone basic and intermediate skills in addition to studying advanced timing and using multiple motions in unison.

Our goal is to help every student maximize his or her potential. Small classes mean every student gets personal attention from the instructor. Visitors are welcome, Please contact Kyoshi Jerry Taylor to set up a time to stop in.

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